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Re: mood4swing

Odoslaťod mood4swing » 11 Feb 2012, 16:38

Mood4Swing: The Joys Of Winter
od 21-23h
radio petrovec 91.4 fm

Calibro 35 - New York New York
Charles Sheffield - It's Your Voodoo Working
Helene Smith - You Got To Be a Man (Chop Suey Remix)
Voodoofunk - Save Me
Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got What You Need
Eunice Davis - Work, Daddy, Work
The Excitements - Won't You Let Me Know
Superbreak - Talking To The People (SB Edit)
Lyn Collins - Take Me Just As I Am (Disco Tech edit)
Curtis Mayfield - Ain't No Love Lost (Leftside Wobble Edit)
Erma Franklin - Higher & Higher
Carl Sherlock Holmes - It Ain't Right
Livingstone & Canosis - Walk On The Wild Side
Sister Henry & The Prescriptions - My Good Lovin'
Blue Rhythm Combo - Take The Funky Feeling
Suhov - I Beat You
The Funk League - What's Wrong With Groovin'?
GMF feat. Akil the MC - Do (BadboE Remix)
James Brown - My Thang (Belabouche Edit)
Nirobi - Boss Rage
Blow Fly - Suck It
El Michels Affair - Run Fay Run
Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop - Finale 74
Osaka Monaurail - No Trouble On The Mountain
Jasmine Kara - Try My Love Again
J.C. & The Soul Angels - Dance Party (ADN B-Side Edit)
Eugene Blaknell & The New Breed - The Trip ( Dj Prime B-Boy Edit )
Pablo & Shoey - Jazzy Granddad
Jimmy Castor Bunch - It's Just Begun (Disco Tech edit)
Smoove & Turrell - In Deep (Smoove Retouch)
MustBeat Crew - The Feedback
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Re: mood4swing

Odoslaťod mood4swing » 19 Feb 2012, 18:22

Mood4Swing: more new tunes from:dj Format,Julien Dyne,Hint,Jazzanova,Bonobo,...
od 21-23h
radio petrovec 91.4 fm

Dj Format - The Long Goodbeye (feat. The Nostalgia 77 Quintet)
Middlewood Sessions - Quadra
Bajka - Just The Truth (Produced by Rejoicer)
Hawa - Trickery Shit (Patchworks remix)
UHT° - Labichette
Julien Dyne - Glisten Up
Jay Dee - The Look Of Love Pt. 1 (Mr.Dibiase remix)
Hint - Aliens Enter (feat T Fly)
Julien Dyne - So Far (feat. Mara Tk)
Myele Manzanza - Absent (feat. Bella Kalolo)
Suff Daddy - Drama (pt1) (feat. Kissey Asplund)
Kinny - Lost Baggage
Waajeed & The Jazz Katz - Musiq
Opolopo - Twenty-Second Thoughts
Lord Finesse - Electric Sensation
Robert Glasper feat King - More 6/8th's Love (Tall Black Guy Remix)
Krystal Klear - Never Thought You Would Go (feat .Olivier Day Soul)
Quiet Nights Orchestra - Movin'
Mister Bingle & Renegades Of Jazz - Bossa Nostra
Lack of Afro - Holding My Breath (Unity Sextet remix)
Jazzanova feat. Paul Randolph - I Human (Radio Version)
The Funk League - Hypnotized (feat. Kylie Auldist)
Boddhi Satva - Flesh of Your Flesh (feat. Osunlade & Athenai)
BSC feat. Jessi Colosante - What You Do To Me
Part Time Heroes - Folded (Paper Tiger remix)
Shlohmo - The Way U Do
Bonobo - Eyesdown (Floating Points remix)
Ifan Dafydd - Miranda
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Re: mood4swing

Odoslaťod mood4swing » 25 Feb 2012, 17:39

Mood4Swing: warm-up
od 21-23h
radio petrovec 91.4 fm

Blundetto - I'll Be Home Later (with Akale Horns)
Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again
Lee Fields & The Expressions - I Still Got It
Crawdad Farmers - Jesses Party
Dj Dus - Quando Lo Negro Sea Bello
Canadoes Dance Band - Fine Woman (Sofrito Edit)
Cawibe - Enferma Nocturna (Whiskey Barons remix)
Dedy Dread - Safari Life feat. Mr. Bird
Nostalgia 77 - Simmerdown (Grant Phabao remix feat Marco Benevento)
Bruno´s Boogaloo Orchestra - It´s Your Thing
The Soul Snatchers - Now That You've Got It
Bruno´s Boogaloo Orchestra - Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)
The Baker Brothers - Feeding Freddy (Pedders edit)
Cascadia '10 - Pharaohs of Elysium (Danny Massure remix)
Ray Lugo - Love Me Good (Yoga edit)
Morlack - Will Not Be Cool
Freethinker Funk Essence - Summertime
Dirty Dubsters - Latin Lighter
Gary's Gang - Let's Lovedance Tonight (Danny Krivit re-edit)
Koffee Brown - Afterparty (Ezel Valentine remix)
Terrence Trent D'arby - Designated Fool (Aaron Ross, Nathan Haines & MdCL remix)
Sunlightsquare feat Tasita DMour - Heaven Only Knows (Mustafa Jazzy Groove remix)
Ray Lugo - I Dream Of Bahia (Dusty & Bartellow remix)
The Jivers - Do What (DJ Moodz Straight Up Refix)
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Inner City (Jazz Dub)
Micatone - Handbrake (Radio edit)
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Založený: 25 Feb 2011, 18:43

Re: mood4swing

Odoslaťod mood4swing » 04 Mar 2012, 18:02

Mood4Swing:/breakin thursday/
radio petrovec 91.4 fm

The James Taylor Quartet - Woman
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (The Reflex Re-Vision)
Viridiana - My Happiness (feat. Mr Day)
Nick Pride & The Pimptones - Brighter Day (Ill Advised remix)
Pushin Wood - White Russians
Dedy Dread - O Bananeiro
Loopez - New Soul
Fab Samperi - Red Bossa (feat. Spasmo)
Panama Cardoon - Charanguera
Badboe - One of Those Days
The Mighty Mocambos - Battle pt.1 ( feat. Afrika Bambaataa,Charlie Funk & King Kamonzi)
Virgil Howe & Mark Claydon - The Claydon Break
Warson - DJ is Not A Jukebox
Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s Band - More Peas (Psonic Psummer edit)
James Brown - Sayin It And Doin It (Jski Extended)
Ray Lugo - I Dream Of Bahia (Cachaca edit)
Grant Green - Sookie Sookie (Danny Massure edit)
Kojato - Like a Gypsy (Smoove remix)
Smugdruggler - Rays Acid Punch
Marvin & Tammi - Ain't No Mountain (The Reflex Re-Vision)
Dj Format - Horse Power
Spaced Invaders - Don't Mean A Ting
Nick Pride & The Pimptones - Midnight Feast Of Jazz (Soopasoul remix)
The Middlewood Sessions - Astro Blue
Avelino Pitts - People Will Be People
Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Bárbaro - Look Around The Corner (Instrumental)
The Soul Session - Horse With No Name Suite - Out Of The Rain
Blue In Green - Rainy Streets (Sixfingerz remix)
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Založený: 25 Feb 2011, 18:43

Re: mood4swing

Odoslaťod mood4swing » 11 Mar 2012, 19:51

radio petrovec 91.4 fm

Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra - Fall In Love (Black Spade Remix)
Joyzza & The Joyous Juice - If I Ruled The World
Matthew Kyle - Honey Sugar
LONEgevity - Just Feel
Snakehips - Pardon Me
Matthew Kyle - I Want Marvin
Captain Planet - Get You Some (Captain Planet Boogie Remix)
Krystal Klear & Olivier Day Soul - Wastin' Time
The Dynamics - For The Love Of Money (7 Samurai Disco Remix)
The Soul Session - Light My Fire
Mulatu Astatke - Yèkèrmo Sèw (Te'amir Remix)
Donald Byrd - Change (Whiskey Barons Edit)
T.K Edits - Coming To You Live
Pablo & Shoey - Raw Human Emotion
Sandy Barber - I Think I'll Do Steppin' On My Own (Al Kent Classic Mix)
Isaac Hayse - Shaft (Tony Esse Re-worked)
Nicolas Jaar - What My Last Girl Put Me Through
JoBee Project - Honey (aCatCalledFRITZ remix)
Erykah Badu - I Want You (Rancido's Deepersoul Edit)
Erik Jackson - It's Time
Deja Move - Shade Of Pearls feat. Neele Ternes (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)
Deep Jazz - Little Sunflower
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Založený: 25 Feb 2011, 18:43

Re: mood4swing

Odoslaťod mood4swing » 25 Mar 2012, 15:10

Mood4Swing: Spring beats
radio petrovec 91.4 fm

Doctor L - In The Words (feat. Allonymous)
Delicious All Stars - Afrolatino
The Cactus Channel - Budokan
The Apples - Powder
Dojo Cuts - Easy To Come Home
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - Boom Boom
Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra - Suffer Dey
Cascadia '10 - Moon Go Go (Jazz.K.lipa remix)
Palov & Panama Cardoon - Favelas
Orquesta Tropicana - Tequila
Old Metropolitan Band - Summertime
Spanglish Fly - The Po-po
Deela - Azua Azua (Latin Funk mix)
Vida G Aka Tom Ferramenti - Club Havanna (Voodoofunk 90 rebump)
The Soul Rebels Brass Band - 504 (Mr Bird remix)
All Good Funk Alliance - So Smooth
Boogie - Eddie's Whipping Cream
DJ Agent 86 - Give It To Me Baby
Axwell vs. Kenix - Never Found No One Like U (DJ WIll-Rock edit)
The Soul Snatchers - The Chase
Third Coast Kings - Spicy Brown
The Apples - Preserve
Amy Winehouse - Rehab (The Reflex edit)
Count Skylarkin & Harvey K Tel - Freak U Higher
Caravan Palace - Rock It For Me
Parov Stelar - Jimmys Gang (radio edit)
Club Des Belugas - I Shouldn't I Wouldn't (Club des Belugas remix)
Lazlo - Busy Line
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Založený: 25 Feb 2011, 18:43

Re: mood4swing

Odoslaťod mood4swing » 01 Apr 2012, 19:14

Mood4Swing /29.03.2012/21-23h
radio petrovec 91.4 fm

Shlohmo - Wen Uuu (Salva remix)
Proflogik - So NeSsEsArY
Ambassadeurs - M.O.P.E
Mr. Dibiase - Driftinoff
Mecca:83 - Chapter Two (For Lucie)
The Liquid Crystal Project - Ghetto
Al Green - Simply Beautiful (King Most Redirection)
O.V. - Let's Straighten It Out (Dave Allison edit)
Tensei - Passport
Ljones - To The Grove
Damu The Fudgemunk - Soul Brother
Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On (Leonard Dstroy remix)
Elaquent - Carpe Diem
Mo Kolours - Keep It Up
Jessica Lauren Four - White Mountain
Der Dritte Raum - Swing Bop (Acid Pauli´s Kosmik remix)
Astrobal - Will feat King Alone (Tom Terrien Blurry Sunday remix)
Cecilia Stalin - ShiningStar
Shuya Okino ft. Vikter Duplaix & Mdcl - What Would I Do Without You
Carmen Lundy - Love Thy Neighbor
Quasimode - Down In The Village
Jupiter Tuning Center - Vodka Sour
Ez Icarus - London Lights
Mr. Beatnick - Sun Goddess
Sammy W & Alex E & Yavtushenko - You Can't Destroy An Idea
Soul Renegades - Is It You
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Založený: 25 Feb 2011, 18:43


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